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Posted 18-06-2020 10:19AM

Dear Parents

We have heard this over and over but it truly has been an unprecedented year – not least in education. The ability of the children to adapt and take on the challenges that eLearning brought was truly impressive and showed their great resilience and adaptability. That everyone, children, staff and parents, contributed so much to make such a success of eLearning, through learning new skills and supporting each other, makes me extremely proud to be part of CES.

However, as we think back on the year, let's not forget all the amazing things that took place before lockdown. There were many months of hard work in school with new learning across all the curriculum. Alongside this were the creative and exciting enrichment activities rolled out in every year group. Trips, visits, Healthy Week, Global Citizens Day and stalwarts such as Sports Day and Black and Orange Day.

I hope that everyone leaves this year with a great sense of achievement in having done a superb job over a challenging and complex year. I hope that everyone also knows that we have done our very best for our children and community and takes pride in this too.

I offer my most heartfelt thanks to you all and look forward to another amazing, though hopefully less socially distanced, year to come.

Yours Sincerely

Mr. Horn

Year 5 projects

Layers of the Rainforest by Yehia Ahmed 5C

Lynn 5A Rainforest Art

Marina 5A Gratitude Rainbow

Marina 5A Origami

Marina 5A Save the Rainforest poster

Nader 5A Rainforest Art

Omar B Diversity Poem

Omar K Diversity Poem

Origami Rainforest creature by Leila El Assal 5C

Patrisia 5A Gratitude Jar

Sherine 5A Gratitude Rainbow

Sherine 5A Rainforest Art

Sherine's rainforest 2

Tamim 5A Gratitude Tree

Tia A Rainforest in a box

Tia O Gratitude Jar

Yassin 5A Cooking breakast for mum

Yassin 5A Origami

Zeina 5A Origami

Zeina 5A Rainforest Art

Laila 5A Diversity Poem

Laila 5A Origami

Jonathan 5A Rainforest Art

letters to Year 4

A drawing of a toucan by Youssef El Hossiny

A rainforest model by Yasmine Iskarous 5C

Malak Waheed (5C).

Origami Rainforest animal by Karim Tarif 5C

Omar Hassam 5C PSHE Gratitude Jar

Year 5F projects

Year 6 Projects

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