2016 Year 6 London Trip

Day 1 - Travelling and Arrival.

It was a very early start for the 26 Year 6 pupils and the 3 staff members as they gathered at school at 5:00am and headed towards Cairo Airport. Children and staff were still rather sleepy but in good spirits as we arrived to check in.

After a smooth check-in and boarding, we took to the skies and headed towards London’s Heathrow Airport. Many of us had flown before, but we also had one or two first time flyers. Upon hearing this, our cabin crew arranged for some group photos with a couple of very special guests. Here we are with our pilot and co-pilot at 37,000 feet.

Having landed, been complimented by passport control on our exemplary behaviour and then transferred to the Marchant’s Hill site, we took some time to settle into our rooms and to explore the place we will be calling home for the next week. As you can see we are all very happy to be here, even if the English weather is considerably colder and wetter than that of Cairo.

We are all looking forward to our first meal and evening here, so we will say our goodbyes to our friends and families who are reading this and head off to dinner and our first evening of activities. Please check back tomorrow evening to see what we have been doing on our first full day in England, until then, goodbye and goodnight.

Day 2 - Orienteering, Aeroball, Jacob's Ladder and Trapeze.

Last night saw some very excited children, as they spent their first night at Marchant’s Hill site. We all had at least a few hours sleep, and awoke this morning to clearer skies than yesterday, and the day promised to be warmer. Unfortunately the better weather would not last through the day.

After breakfast, we split into our groups and headed off to take part in many different activities. Throughout the day, we all braved the weather as we undertook the challenge of scaling the Jacob’s Ladder, enjoyed a game of Aeroball and explored the local woodland during orienteering. For many though, the highlight of the day was leaping through the air trying to catch hold of the trapeze.

As you can see we have all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves today, and as we head of to dinner, we are all looking forward to sitting round the warmth of the campfire and toasting a few marshmallows this evening. Tomorrow will be an early start for us as we head into London. Make sure you check back then to see the photos of us exploring the city.

Day 3 - London


What an amazing day today, we have walked and walked and walked, but we have seen so much of London! The London Eye, including a 4D video all about how it was made and a trip to the top of it, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square – where the new Wonder Woman movie was being filmed, Horse Guards Parade, Ten Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament.

Having seen the many sights London had to offer, we then visited the M&M store in Leicester Square and finally stopped by Covent Garden Market for a bit of shopping and the chance to get some gifts for people back home.

Day 4 - Activities on Site.

Another day of excitement and adventure was had on site today. Children exceeded their own expectations as they tested themselves to the limit in typical English weather conditions - wet, windy and cold.

Despite this, children explored teamwork and leadership as the challenged themselves, both physically and mentally on the low ropes course and the sensory trail. They then dug into deep reserves of courage as the leapt through the air on the power fan, A climb and decent of over 40 feet!

Last but not least was a chance for us all to challenge both teachers and instructors in the archery challenge. Some of us had some pretty good scores and are eager for another chance to challenge the adult team.

Tomorrow will be spent exploring the old city of Oxford and a trip to see the shrunken heads at the Pitt River's Museum.

Day 5 - Oxford

Today we had the opportunity to explore our second English city, Oxford. What a difference to the way we found London. The buses of the capital were replaced by bicycles, the tall skyscrapers were gone and 400 year old buildings replaced them, and for the most part, we had the street s of the city to ourselves.

Having arrived and had our photo taken outside the world famous Ashmolean Museum and the Randolph Hotel,We started our guided tour of the city and some of the university colleges. We had a number of challenges along the way, and many of us took time to consider what it may be like to be a student at Oxford in the future – which one of us do you think is most likely to achieve this life goal?

Having stopped for lunch on the steps of the Bodleian Library, it was off to do some souvenir shopping in the city centre before heading out to the Pitt River’s Museum where we went in search of the shrunken heads.We all looked in awe and disbelief as we learnt about how and why they were made, and how the skeletons and bodies of animals can be reconstructed many thousands of years after they became extinct.

After another busy day we are all looking forward to spending an evening with our duvets and pillows relaxing at the movie night that the PGL staff has kindly organised for us – a perfect way to relax at the end of a long but highly enjoyable day!

Day 6 - Rifles, abseiling, giant swing & zip wire.

Today was our last full day of activities at PGL. A highly enjoyable day was spent abseiling, rifle shooting, playing on the giant swing and flying down the zip wire.

As we take a moment to look back over all we have done, many of us have realised that we have completed activities we never dreamed possible at the start of the week. We have challenged ourselves to overcome our fears and we are feeling very proud of ourselves. Even Mr. Stockden faced his fear of heights, and as you can see from this picture, he really enjoyed himself on the giant swing!

Here are a final few pictures of some of the things we have been doing today, it is still a little chilly today but at least the sun came out and the skies were blue. It would be really nice if the clear skies stay with us tomorrow as we will be taking a tour of the Harry Potter Studios.

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